International Christian School Pyeongtaek
53 Shindaegojan-gil, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do 17830


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Tuition & Fees 2016-2017

Tuition Assistance is available based on need, available funds, and special circumstances (additional children). If interested please contact the Business office to discuss this option.

Active Duty Military Discounts are available and is a separate program.  Contact the Business Office if you are qualified for this program.

Application processing Fee – (non refundable) Won 200,000
For new students only.  This fee is to offset the costs associated with the application process and any testing that is required.

These fees are used for testing, setting up files, academic materials, yearbook, library use, and other special activities. (not refundable after June 2nd)
*New students w. 400,000 (per child)
Returning students (paid by April 17th) w. 100,000 (per child)
Returning students (paid after April 17th ) w. 400,000 (per child)

Technology Fee
All students (paid with registration fee –not refundable) w. 200,000 (per child)

Capital Development Fee
*New students (not refundable) w. 3,000,000 (per child)
Returning students w. 1,000,000 (per child)

US Dollar Tuition
US Dollar (not refundable) $4000

K-5th grade w.  12,550,000/annually
6th-12th grade w.  13,922,000/annually

ELD Fees
Students who do not score high enough on the English fluency exam must be enrolled in ELD (English Language Development) until they qualify for the regular school program.
Additional fees are:
Intensive ELD classes w. 180,000/month

Transportation Fees
Students travel to school by many different methods. We have a contracted bus company that transports for many international schools. The fee is based on location. Please contact the office to get the monthly rate.

Other Fees/Options
Senior Fee (12th grade only) w. 300,000
Locker Rental (available to grades 7th -12th) w. 10,000