Expected Student Learning Results

1. Effective Communicators:
1.1. Can share thoughts, ideas, or emotions through the written, digital, and spoken word
1.2. Can write a well-crafted composition that is free of grammatical and structural errors
1.3. Can express themselves through diverse media options

2. Community Contributors:
2.1. Participates in activities that help others more than themselves
2.2. Works collaboratively with diverse partners
2.3. Respects and values all individuals regardless of circumstances or status
2.4. Appreciates the value of the team over the individual

3. Biblically-Informed Individuals:
3.1. Understands the narrative, major themes, and key doctrines of the Bible
3.2. Knows the necessary practices for healthy, gospel-centered spiritual development
3.3. Understands the sources from which values, such as mercy, compassion, grace, and salvation arise
3.4. Considers the inalienable value and meaning of life from both what is seen and unseen

4. Complex Thinkers:
4.1. Can objectively analyze the pros and cons of issues and events--past, present, and future
4.2. Can understand the sources from which ideas and culture come
4.3. Can intellectually engage comparable individuals on relevant topics
4.4. Can use logical and mathematical concepts for solving problems

5. 21st Century Learners:
5.1. Can use technology to find data for reaching answers to problems
5.2. Can sort and sift data and information to arrive at a reasonable conclusion
5.3. Can learn through different media options
5.4. Displays grit, determination, and responsibility for learning to prepare for their future
5.5. Can use multiple disciplines to solve problems or projects in either a team or individual setting.