Application Process

ICS-P does not discriminate in its admission policy either directly or indirectly on the basis of race, sex, or ethnic background.

The school respects the religious preferences of parents and students; however, all classroom instruction is in the context of the stated doctrinal position of the school.

The school maintains the right to refuse admission to students not meeting the school’s academic requirements or to student’s attitude displaying a lack of willingness to meet the code of conduct of the school.

International Christian School - Pyeongtaek is accredited as a United States school with WASC and ACSI.

All students enrolling at ICS-P will be assigned to a classroom after the entrance level examination and consultation of the parents/guardian. Grade placement prior to receipt of school records is tentative. All students NOT submitting test scores of recent standardized achievement test may be required to take a school administered achievement test.

All grade levels have a limit on enrollment this also includes a limit on ELD students enrolled per grade. Qualified students will be accepted in order of their registration. Returning students are given preference in enrollment up to a given date. When the limit of enrollment of the class has been reached, qualified students will be placed on the waiting list.

ICS-P offers kindergarten for children age 5 before September 1 of the school year in which they are enrolling.

Students entering 1st grade must be 6 years of age before September 1 of the school year in which they are enrolling. They must also demonstrate a readiness for learning to read.

Children whose 1st language is not English, or have difficulty with English language, may be placed in the ELD (English Language Development). The level of ELD placement will be determined by a placement test. There are no extra charges for a student who has been identified as one who need the ELD instruction.

All students are on probation for the first 9 weeks of enrollment.

Financial Agreement

Operation of ICS-P is dependent on school fees and tuition. We ask that you be prompt in your payments and if a situation arises that you inform the financial department ASAP. This will assist us in knowing how to adjust our budget.


A registration fee is required to ensure the acceptance or re-enrollment of the student and is due with the application. A student will not be put on the registry until both payment and application have been received.

This is a non-refundable fee.

If a student transfers from one ICS-P school to another the registration fee and application will have to be resubmitted to that school.


All fees must be paid at the time of registration. These include but are not limited to library, technology, and athletic.


A tuition assistance program is available to families with special financial needs. A limited number of scholarships based on need are available. An application can be obtained from the school office.


Payments are calculated in Korean currency. American dollars in cash or checks made out to "International Christian School of Pyeongtaek" will be accepted at the bank exchange at the time of payment. In the event of withdrawal American dollars or checks will be calculated at the rate on the date of withdrawal.

Accounts more than 30 days delinquent may result in suspension of the student until suitable arrangements have been made to bring the account current. Report cards and transcripts will not be released. It is the responsibility of the parent to make arrangements when bills are not paid. The employer of military commander may be notified when accounts remain delinquent more than 30 days.

Admissions Regulation

Students at ICS-P are accepted under the following conditions:

  1. Space availability.
  2. The program(s) needed by the student are available at ICSP.
  3. The parents(s)/guardian(s) and student agree to the student’s participation in the school’s Christian activities and Biblical studies. These include but are not limited to Chapel and daily Bible class. If a parent/guardian or the student can not agree to this, the student will not be admitted to the school.
  4. a. Complete Application Form
    b. Photocopy of current passport
    c. Transcript, testing and behavioral records from previous school(s)(upon request)
    d. All required fees paid
    e. Immunization record submitted and up to date
    f. Korean students meet government requirements for enrollment
    g. Any other documents requested by the ICSP administrative personnel

  5. If at any time it is discovered that a student has been admitted under false documents or statements, or if it is discovered the records or statements were intentionally withheld to help secure admission for the student, the student will be dismissed from ICSP. No refund will be made of capital fees paid. Tuition paid will be refunded following standard regulation for early withdrawal plus a 15% administrative charge. If the student is admitted on a payment plan, the unpaid balance must still be paid. If the student was receiving tuition assistance by ICSP, this will be forfeited. Furthermore, the full payment for the amount of time the student spent at ICSP will be reimbursed to the school.

    If it is discovered that there was no intent on the part of the parents to intentionally mislead the school, no penalties will be incurred and fees and tuition will be subject to normal regulation related to refunds.

  6. If information relating to learning disabilities, physical disabilities, etc. are discovered after a student has been accepted for enrollment, the student may be removed due to ICSP’s inability to adequately support the student’s needs. If this is the case, all fees and tuition will be subject to normal regulation related to refunds.

  7. Applicants with known deficiencies may be offered probationary admittance for one grading period or portion thereof if the director, in collaboration with the principal, feels the deficiencies will be corrected by the end of that time (ELD guidelines covered under item 13). The principal reviews probationary admissions each grading period. If the necessary corrections have not occurred, the student will be denied further admittance. If, however, a good faith attempt at correcting the deficiency and the director and principal agree that a full correction will be made by the end of the second grading period, a second may be added. Under most circumstances, a student will not be placed on probationary admittance for more than two grading periods.

  8. Students with Learning Disabilities:
    Because learning and developmental challenges vary greatly, each case must be considered individually. Families with students with learning difficulties, learning disabilities (medically diagnosed or not), or developmental delays are encouraged to inquire about admission and discuss the challenges with the school administration and potential teachers. If the faculty and administration are able to make the necessary accommodations and/or modifications, the student may be admitted, with the understanding that the teachers, administrators, and parents will work closely together to monitor and adjust to the student’s needs as necessary.

    Families that are transferring from a previous school in which their child had previously documented accommodations, modifications, or even a formal Individual Education Plan (IEP) are highly encouraged to share this with ICSP administrators. Parents may be asked to provide documentation of assessment results obtained from consultation with a qualified educational psychologist or physician.
  9. Non-native English speaking students (ELD):

    a. All ELD students must demonstrate an ability to function at grade level in a language other than English.
    b. The ELD department will evaluate ELD students for placement in the ELD program.
    c. ELD students at all levels may be offered probationary admittance for one grading period or portion thereof. At the end of this grading period, the director, in collaboration with the principal and with input from the teacher(s), will determine whether or not the student has demonstrated a reasonable rate of language progress and the motivation necessary to acquire English proficiency. After this determination is made, the student will either be accepted unconditionally or continue on a conditional basis.
    d. Normally, a student may not be enrolled on a conditional basis for longer than two semesters.
  10. Priority admissions list:
    a. Returning students who are in good standing academically, behaviorally and financially
    b. Children of incoming NICS personnel and of incoming non-NICS ICS faculty
    c. New students who have met enrollment criteria as specified in items 1-13